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dancing is our passion

Our Story, Mission, and Team

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A dance school is born

Building connection through familial roots

Halloween of 2010 was a turning point in the life of Nina. It was her first time in Cabarete and she instantly fell in love with the people and scenery. She came with her cousin, and together they started the Alma Libre Dance School at Millenium Hotel. At the time, Cabarete did not have a thriving Latin Dance community, but these women wanted to change that. They did everything in their power to develop their skills, become the best teachers they could, and organize events in the area to build a Cabarete dance family.


When her cousin moved back to France, Nina created her own brand and school, drawing inspiration from her African roots. Thus, NINAFRIKA Dance School was born. Each dance Nina teaches in her school descends from Africa, giving them powerful, rich histories. She has been successful at creating not only a Latin Dance community here in Cabarete, but a NINAFRIKA family worldwide by teaching to locals and tourists as well as in dance workshops across the globe. The main spirit of her work is not only to teach people to dance, but to also build connection between people, foster self-confidence, and spread love to each person with whom she comes in contact.

The ninafrika family

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